Sunday, January 23, 2011

A few new pics...

Mr. King himself....

You turn your back for 2 seconds around our house and this is one thing you will find! He told me he was just wiping his nose...that was for sure!

This a nightly event for Rainer, Mack and Mommy...... a Parfait!! Or as Rainer calls it "shurbert!" We love it!

Check out this hair...!!

Our first snow cover in our new house....mainly ice but it was still pretty!

This one was from Christmas Eve dinner at MeMa's...
 MeMa' check out his table!! He got his own table from MeMa for Christmas and Santa brought him some chairs. This has been great because we are now a "big boy" and can do everything on our own these days!!

We enjoyed our visits from "Baby Jane" and her parents over the holidays!

Rainer on his new swing set!