Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few recent pics...

We always enjoy spending time with our cousin Sadie! These two are very entertaining...needless to say!

Rainer doesn't miss a thing...he thought his leg needed to be propped up as well. He apparently didn't think he needed his picture taken though-ha!

We love to look at Uncle "a" tractor books....

This is our new thing!! We are still very excited about it ...and really into going to the potty! We will see how long this last!

Look at what big help we have....how could we have ever unpacked without him?? Check out our new smile-ha!

How cool is this plane...it's a petal plane!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We have FINALLY updated!!

So it has been a long time since we have blogged...ok we know 3 months but we have had a LOT happen in the past 3 months. So we will do our best to catch you guys up! We have had an amazing summer with vacations and short little trips here and there. We have also finally moved into our new home....maybe one day we will get it together. We are loving being here so far!

First I will start with our annual Beach Trip with the fam and The Youngs!! We stayed at the Caribe this year due to the oil and I will say the kids had a blast! Thanks Jo Jo and Pop Pop for our stay and wonderful trip!


Check out the facial expressions...Rainer's vs. Jane's!
All the Russell boys and Jane...

 Jo Jo and Pop Pop

I love the looks Jane can give Rainer! If we only knew what she was really thinking...haha!!
(Really man...that's enough!)

This was the best $2 Jo Jo spent all week!
JoJo and Pop bought them some shirts so of course we had to take some pics!