Monday, April 19, 2010

A weekend full of fun...

    It is very challenging these days to get a decent picture of Rainer but I thought these pictures were cute that we were able to capture over the weekend! Rainer is growing so fast and beginning to put all kinds of words together...He keeps us entertained!
     He also loves any kind of ball....He cracks us up on how he can play several different sports at once. He hasn't quite figured it all out! Sunday after we returned from church before John and I could get to the back door we came up on Rainer with his golf club in hand, daddy's old football helmet on, and a football getting ready to tee off! His favorite thing to say now is "Down, set, hut hut...GOOOOO!!" Needless to say there is never a dull moment around this household!
    Sunday afternoon we were able to take Rainer out to the golf course and he had the best time...he thinks he can do it all and of course anything Daddy does... Rainer follows!

Rainer loves this rocking chair and it is very special because it was his Pop's (Johnny Russell) chair. It was also used by his Da and father.....

We are a little confused....??

Tennis anyone...??

We love our daddy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter weekend full of fun and excitement!  Rainer really enjoyed the fun activites that came along with the Easter season....egg hunts, dying easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny! We also had a wonderful day on Sunday starting with an amazing church service and then a great meal to follow! Here are a few pic we have to share...