Sunday, January 31, 2010

Play date with Baby Jane!!

Want this be a cute picture the night of their rehersal dinner-haha!!
"Hey Pretty Girl!!"
How can you resist those beautiful eyes? You can have anything you want precious one!
Rainer had a "Big Time" playing with Ms. Jane....

 Some of my mom's college friend came over for the night...."Ta Ta and D!" I believe they want be having kids anytime soon due to the fact that I showed them how "lovely" little boys can be-ha!

I couldn't keep my eyes of them- I like pretty girls!

 I keep my mom and dad on their toes!!! Did I scare you?


Rainer...What do you think about Auburn??

 Can you believe I am into something I shouldn't be???

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few new pics!!

This is my Da's huh???

This is the famous radio we love!!

You think he got any of the chicken spaghetti in his mouth??

This is our attempt at sitting down as a family for dinner these days-ha!

This boy LOVES some dip and chip!!!

Something must have been really funny!!!

You can't do anything without a little helper these days!

Let me tell you this child can eat!!! Last Saturday we made a trip to Meridian and at lunch he ate an ENTIRE chicken finger basket and fries.....3 hours later we are headed home and had to stop TWICE to get him food bc he was screaming!!! So he had a bag of chex mix and 2 more chicken fingers on the way home....We FINALLY made it home and he was still screaming so he finished off his supper with 2 bags of apples, green beans, and a hotdog!!!