Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a great weekend!!

We had such a great weekend with our dear friends The Gunnells! They were able to come and spend the day with us on Saturday to watch the mighty Crimson Tide! We also kept their two precious girls Yates and Lucy for the evening... We had a blast! Rainer and Yates just loved one are a few pictures we were able to capture throughout the day!

 We found them in the dinning room together enjoying their cookies...

They were such a big help...baking MORE cookies!!!

  Looking forward to getting together again soon!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We got into a huge bed of ants this past week but quickly got over it when we realized we were going to get to play with the water hose... This saved us a few tears! He had a blast!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Rainer!!!

We have just celebrated our 2nd Birthday!! Rainer turned "2" on Sept. the 3rd...He had a wonderful birthday and birthday supper! Man what a difference a year makes! We didn't do a very good job with the picture taking part but we did get a few....

His Gigi got him his "froggy" cupcakes!
He loved every gift he got!!
His Nanny and Pop got him a set of real golf clubs!! He thinks he is something else...
Thanks Uncle Michael....we love our tractors!

Enjoying our cupcake the morning after due to the fact that we refused to eat ours the night before because his mother took the wrapper off of it! Did I mention he is TWO!! We pitched a big one but must have forgotten that episode by the  next morning...(Check out our new pjs from cousin Austin and Lane! We had to put them on right away!)

Enjoying all our birthday gifts...bright and early!!

Doing a little yard work with Dad!!!

Eating a few popsicles with cousin Lane ...