Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Shower!!!!!

Yesterday Kelly was given a baby shower. It was well attended and my son received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Going through the whole pregnancy process I have a greater appreciation for my family and friends and I realize how truly blessed Kelly and I are. You folks are great!!!!!!

Well as far as news from the progress of the baby, we went to the doctor on Friday and it appears we are progressing nicely. The doctor tells us that she estimates Rainer's weight at around 6 pounds and thinks it appears to be a 39 week delivery. But who the heck really knows!!!!!!! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

36 Week Visit!

The time has come for another doctors visit. We are at 36 weeks and becoming very anxious about the delivery. Unfortunately, Kelly will be going to the visit tomorrow alone because I have got to be in court. It is my guess that since I am not going there will be significant developments. Anyway, there is really nothing new to report but I will be posting another photo from our 4d visit. Hope all is well with everyone!